Here is the feedback we have received from our wonderful guests!

Perfect for study abroad. A story: I led a study abroad course to Andros Beach Club (among other places) in May 2022. On the way home, Western Air did not load two of my students’ bags on the plane; the bags were left in South Andros. The next flight out of the airport wasn’t until 3 more days, and Western Air does not ship bags internationally. Seemingly, the bags were just going to be lost. I messaged Jesse, Andros Beach Club’s owner, for a recommendation about what to do. He picked up the bags at the airport and arranged for one of his guests, whose son goes to college near where I live, to take the bags with him when he visited his son. I met this guest and was able to deliver the bags to my students within the week. This is just one example of how Jesse goes out of his way to make your trip amazing. He is also an excellent dive instructor, teaching my students how to dive for the first time. Also, the location is beautiful and the chefs and cleaning staff are super friendly. 100% recommend!

– Instructor, Christopher Newport University

I stayed at ABC as a faculty member with a small group of college students for a study abroad trip. Simply put, Jesse runs a world class resort that feels grounded and at home in the island. The food and hospitality are second to none. The lodging and beach are clean, safe, and inviting. Jesse is exceptionally helpful, approachable, and available. He’s also well respected on the island. A local at the Top Shelf bar down the beach asked if I was staying at Jesse’s. Yes. “Hardest working guy in South Andros,” he said

– Instructor, Christopher Newport University

What a fantastic experience! I am a coral restoration specialist and I recently visited Andros Beach Club to complete general nursery maintenance and out planting at the two wonderful coral nurseries that the hotel has to offer. I spent a lot of my time on the boat with Jesse and his team where their knowledge and expertise was truly remarkable. The whole team at Andros Beach Club was truly wonderful. Jesse was extremely knowledgeable with everything above and below the water. Roxanne and Jonathan make you feel right at home as if you were apart of their wonderful family. The atmosphere the hotel has to offer makes you feel as if you were on your own private island. You can’t forget Maggie and her unbelievable cooking, every meal was a real treat. The rooms are very clean, the grounds are well maintained. Andros Beach Club truly makes you feel safe and welcomed, all Covid-19 protocols where in place throughout my stay. I would highly recommend booking at stay at Andros Beach Club to anyone interested in traveling to the Bahamas.

Scientist, Perry Institute of Marine Science

This resort felt like home! This was a great location for our study abroad trip. Jesse utilized every teachable moment when he was with us to educate about South Andros. During our stay, they were finishing up the construction of the Beach Lab that will be very beneficial to future study abroad groups. Loved every meal prepared by Ms. Maggie and the amazing staff! Porter and Mason took our group crabbing and they are experts!

Study Abroad Student

“Stayed here for a week long travel study, had a great time. Highlights were the screen porch, driveway that keeps the place secluded from outside traffic, proximity to the ocean, volleyball net, and communal bikes.

Study Abroad Student

We stayed there and coordinated with Jesse for an 8 night undergraduate Marine Ecology class with 11 students. The location is phenomenal for tons of activities. The 3rd largest coral reef in the world is less than 2 miles from shore and is easily accessible for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. Great staff including the chefs Maggie and Yvette who cooked almost every meal family style for our group of 13 and they were amazing meals. Benson one of the staff members led our group on a tour of inland blue holes which should be explored by everyone who visits as they are a unique ecosystem found here on South Andros. Jesse and Andros Beach Club were so accommodating in setting up our study away experience. It was such a great experience for the students who learned so much. For those that want to truly experience a unique ecosystem and first class diving/snorkeling this is the place to visit. We will be back in the future.

Instructor, Susquehanna University

I took a trip with my college over winter break. Overall great experience. The Diving was amazing and it was a pleasure to meet and stay with them. I enjoyed the fishing and scuba diving very much. I hope to return soon.

Study Abroad Student

Went for a marine ecology lab over spring break and had a fantastic time! Jesse was super friendly and helpful with his knowledge of the island so we could complete our research projects and taking us out to the reefs, Great snorkeling at the beach, reefs, blue holes, and mangroves. Food was delicious and staff were accommodating to vegetarian diet. By far one of my favorite trips. Would definitely go back!

Study Abroad Student

My experience on the property was outstanding in many regards, the first of which being the location of the hotel, as it was just a short taxi from the airport, and yet still felt remote and private. Another positive aspect of the hotel was the food provided. Meals were cooked by the wonderful Chef Maggie, and she was able to accommodate for dietary restrictions. Furthermore, while there I was participating in a coral restoration project, in which Jesse and his crew were incredibly helpful when completing the project. Everyone on the property is welcoming and full of interesting stories!

Chris, Study Abroad Student

A perfect mix of a resort and a home. The staff were all so friendly and nice, one night we even washed dishes with them. A beautiful location with great facilities, the environment was so relaxing and peaceful. Jesse took our group out snorkeling and scuba diving and we had a blast. The food was delicious, we never had a bad meal. Overall an amazing time and stay here!

Emily W, Study Abroad Student