All-inclusive Meals, Drinks, & Snacks

Enjoy tasty food and drinks with our all-inclusive dining services. We serve all meals, snacks, and drinks for an easy dining experience. You'll find a variety of dishes to choose from, with something for everyone to enjoy. Our friendly chefs use fresh ingredients to make delicious meals, while our bars offer refreshing drinks.

A Fresh Approach

Our dining approach emphasizes “Farm to Table” and “Sea to Table” experiences, featuring freshly harvested seafood from local sources, often served on the same day it’s caught. We free-dive to spearfish a variety of species, including grouper, hogfish, snapper, mackerel, lobster, crab, and more, and collect fresh conch for dishes like ceviche and grilled conch. Savor freshly grilled and pan-seared fish, sautéed lobster, sushi, and more.

Types of Dishes

Our talented chefs craft a diverse range of locally inspired dishes that draw from Bahamian, Caribbean, and international culinary traditions. Our menu evolves throughout the year, reflecting seasonal availability and our commitment to supporting local farmers and fishermen who supply us with organic pork, chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and more. Indulge in freshly baked bread, homemade pasta, sumptuous desserts, vibrant salads, and a variety of other dishes.

We cater to various dietary preferences, offering vegetarian, gluten-free, and other options to accommodate individual tastes. Guests can also enjoy an evening out at a local restaurant and partake in spearfishing or deep-sea fishing adventures to catch their own dinner.