Marine Ecology Experience Study Abroad Program

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The Marine Ecology Experience is an exclusive aquatic discovery trip to South Andros Island in The Bahamas. It is designed to immerse students and other participants in the rich and diverse aquatic ecosystems of the Out Islands of The Bahamas. The hands-on learning approach taken for these marine ecology trips provides the opportunity to explore the diverse and vibrant marine ecosystems surrounding the island. The itinerary is packed with exciting activities and opportunities to learn about marine life and conservation firsthand. If you would like to get involved in our trips, please contact us to get started.


Day 1 (Day of arrival)

Upon arrival to the SAND Center, participants attend a safety and procedures meeting, get introduced to the facilities, and start developing their research projects. This is an approximate daily schedule for the marine ecology experience.

Day 2

The first full day of the trip includes a kayaking introduction and tour of the area, followed by a beach snorkel and walk to the sandbar in the afternoon. This gives participants a chance to get acquainted with the local marine life and explore the stunning coastal environment.

Day 3

The group engages in beach seining and sampling, followed by research project sampling in the afternoon and night beach sampling in the evening. This hands-on experience will allow participants to learn more about the various marine species inhabiting the region.

Day 4

Today’s activities include an inland Blue Hole tour in the morning and more research project sampling and analysis in the afternoon and evening. The inland Blue Holes are fascinating geological formations that provide unique habitats for various aquatic species.

Day 5

The group will embark on an all-day Mars Bay Blue Hole tour, which includes swimming, walking tidal flats, and photography opportunities. In the evening, night sampling will be conducted for larval and other fish species.

Day 6

Today will be dedicated to snorkeling and boat trip to the reef, providing ample opportunity to observe the vibrant coral reef ecosystem and its diverse inhabitants. Research project sampling and analysis will take place in the evening.

Day 7

The activities involve shore fishing and fish diet sampling in the morning, followed by an exciting Deep Creek Mangrove snorkeling excursion in the afternoon. This experience allows participants to explore the critical mangrove ecosystems that serve as nurseries for many marine species.

Day 8

Another snorkeling and boat trip to the reef, after which there is a final research project sampling and analysis.

Day 9 (Day of departure)

The group will depart to return home, bringing with them valuable knowledge, unforgettable memories, and a deeper appreciation for the marine ecosystems and their conservation.

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