Conference Center

Experience the allure of a Caribbean island for your next conference. Take in a more close-knit setting for gatherings where exclusivity and natural beauty merge to create an unparalleled meeting experience. The setting is suited for non-profits, companies, government departments and agencies, organizations, and associations.

Our small, intimate facility captures the attention of conference organizers seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, where outside of meetings and talks, they can take in the private beaches, diverse beach activities, visits to the local natural habitats and towns, and consistently beautiful weather. Delight your attendees with sumptuous cuisine, a cozy atmosphere, and the idyllic charm that only an island paradise can provide. Encourage innovation and deep collaboration as your participants revel in the serenity of their surroundings. Make a lasting impression by choosing our enchanting destination, where unforgettable memories and transformative growth await. We can host up to 20 individuals, making your meetings, workshops, symposiums, and related gatherings an unforgettable event.

Conference Organizers and Event Planners

If you’re planning an event and currently looking for a venue, consider the SAND Center. Far from the impersonal, corporate-owned hotels and event venues, our charming facility offers a tranquil setting that inspires guests and fosters meaningful connections. Surrounded by pristine landscapes and breathtaking ocean views, our small event space ensures an unforgettable event that sets itself apart.

What kinds of guests use our facilities for gatherings?

Public health and emergency response organizations

Agencies involved in disaster preparedness, public health, and emergency management can organize conferences to share best practices, develop strategies, and coordinate efforts, while enjoying the restorative atmosphere of the island setting.

Women’s empowerment and leadership groups

Organizations dedicated to women’s leadership, professional development, and gender equity can host conferences in an inspiring environment that fosters personal growth, confidence-building, and networking among attendees.

Non-profit leadership and capacity building

Non-profit organizations focused on leadership development, fundraising strategies, and community engagement can benefit from an intimate conference setting that encourages collaboration, brainstorming, and strategic planning in a peaceful environment.

Language and cultural immersion programs

Educational institutions and language schools can host small conferences and workshops centered around language learning and cultural exchange, leveraging the island’s unique cultural heritage to provide immersive experiences and enhance attendees’ understanding of the local customs and traditions.

Environmental organizations

Non-profits focused on conservation, climate change, or marine biology could benefit from hosting a small conference in a remote island setting, where attendees can experience the natural environment they are working to protect firsthand.

Corporate retreats

Companies looking to foster team-building and leadership development can benefit from the intimate setting and outdoor activities, promoting bonding and collaboration among team members.

Medical and dental training organizations

Professionals such as doctors, dentists, medical specialists, surgeons, and other physicians seeking continuing education credits can benefit from conferences focused on advancements in their fields. The tranquil island setting provides an ideal environment for focused learning, with the added benefit of relaxation and rejuvenation during off-time.

Wellness and mental health associations

Groups promoting mental health awareness, mindfulness, and stress reduction can capitalize on the serene environment to facilitate deeper connections and understanding among attendees, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Health associations

Groups focused on holistic and alternative health practices can benefit from the tranquil environment, enabling attendees to explore the benefits of integrating nature and relaxation into their health and wellness routines.

Legal and financial professionals

Attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors often require annual updates to maintain their licenses. Hosting conferences in a serene island environment can enhance focus and engagement while allowing attendees to enjoy leisure activities and networking opportunities.

Educational organizations

Institutions and associations focused on experiential learning or outdoor education can host conferences that highlight the importance of hands-on experiences and immersion in nature for effective learning.

Art and creativity workshops

Groups promoting artistic development and creativity can leverage the South Andros Island’s peaceful and inspiring environment for workshops, encouraging attendees to explore their artistic passions and skills.

Technology and innovation conferences

Companies and organizations in fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and software development can host intimate gatherings to discuss the latest trends, share knowledge, and foster collaboration, all while enjoying the island’s natural beauty. We provide Internet services, even on this Out Island of the Bahamas so you can still work as needed while away from your usual set-up.

Adventure travel and ecotourism agencies

Companies specializing in adventure tourism or sustainable travel can showcase their commitment to responsible tourism practices and connect with like-minded professionals in a natural setting.

Spiritual and personal growth organizations

Retreats centered around spiritual growth, meditation, or personal development can take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere to foster reflection and inner exploration.

Networking and industry associations

Professional groups seeking to build connections and collaborate in a unique environment can host a small conference at the SAND Center on South Andros Island, fostering more intimate and engaging networking opportunities.

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