For Parents

If you're a parent or guardian considering our SAND Center programs, you've come to the right place. We aim to show you the transformative and positive impact these adventures can have on young minds. Through experiential learning, nature conservation, and community outreach, students explore the island's ecosystems, fostering personal growth, boost critical thinking, and gain global awareness.

Our 1-2 week programs are tailored to challenge and inspire high school and university students. Depending on the program, they’ll gain hands-on experience in fields like ecology, marine biology, and cultural anthropology, and contribute to meaningful service-learning projects. These experiences not only enhance their education but also mold them into environmentally conscious leaders.

Let’s face it, your child will remember a trip like this for the rest of their lives. It can be that impactful. Don’t let your children miss this chance to step out of their comfort zone and broaden their horizons. Join us on Andros Island for unforgettable memories and lasting connections!

Your Children Will Unplug, Explore Nature, and Connect Authentically

We live in a digital era where the younger generation is glued to their phones. This is an opportunity to disconnect from their online life and reach out to true, untouched nature. Sure, they will have access to the Internet on their phones during their stay. But beyond capturing stunning photos and videos, the focus of these programs rely on providing an immersive experience of a lifestyle they may have never encountered, enabling hands-on exploration like never before

Benefits to Students

Your child stands to gain tremendously by engaging in our programs. While the programs vary, some of the key benefits include the following:

  • Experiential learning through field placements: Our programs provide students with hands-on experience and direct contact with the environment. This immersive learning style enables them to develop a deeper understanding of various subjects and their surroundings.
  • Nature conservation and environmental stewardship: By participating in fieldwork and conservation projects, students become active agents in preserving and protecting the unique ecosystems found on the island. This fosters a sense of responsibility and commitment towards the environment that is difficult to achieve in a classroom setting or more common urban settings.
  • Local community outreach and service learning: Students have the opportunity to engage with local communities, learning about their culture, customs, and challenges. This interaction promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding. It also allows students to participate in service-learning projects that address community needs. These experiences enhance students’ personal growth, empathy, and global awareness.
  • Develop new skills: Our programs often present students with unique challenges that require innovative solutions. By grappling with real-world problems, students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are essential for success in the professional world. Not to mention scuba diving possibilities, in a safe, clean, beautiful water environment.
  • Personal growth: Living and studying in a different cultural context allows students to step out of their comfort zones, fostering personal growth and self-discovery. This exposure to diverse perspectives also broadens their worldview and enhances their ability to adapt to new situations.
  • Greater independence: Going on a trip like this adds to life experiences while helping to develop more resilient and independent individuals.
  • Unique socialization opportunities: Our programs serve as the bedrock for cultivating and maintaining friendships. Encountering new people or connecting with this you already know but in a novel environment fosters strong bonds through shared experiences and memories.
  • Taking the experience home: Upon returning home from our programs, students enthusiastically share their stories with friends, family, and colleagues, highlighting the significant impact of the experience. The positivity and excitement solidifies their learning experience and prepares them for future adventures.

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

Jesse, the founder of SAND, is a parent and completely understands the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for your child. We prioritize their well-being, and we are committed to ensuring their experience here is both enjoyable and secure. We would like to share with you the measures we have in place to guarantee your child’s safety while they participate in our activities.

  • Qualified staff: We only hire experienced professionals with relevant qualifications. They receive training in safety procedures, emergency response, and child supervision.
  • Camper-to-staff ratio: Given our island location and the size of our facilities, we are only accept a limited number of people at any given time. As such, we maintain a low camper-to-staff ratio. This ensures adequate supervision and individual attention for each child. It also allows our staff to monitor and address any issues promptly.
  • Health and safety protocols: We adhere to health and safety guidelines, including regular cleaning and sanitization of facilities, equipment, and shared spaces. A medical facility is situated not too far from our location.
  • Structured activities: Our activities are carefully designed, carried out, and supervised to minimize any risks. We use high-quality, well-maintained equipment and implement safety measures such as wearing helmets and lifejackets where appropriate.
  • Emergency response plan: We have a comprehensive emergency response plan in place, including evacuation procedures, designated meeting points, and communication protocols. Our staff is trained to respond effectively in case of emergencies.
  • Open communication: We encourage open communication between guests and staff. Parents are welcome to reach out to our team with any concerns or questions before, during, or after the program session.